2Checkout Documentation

Reporting provides several downloadable reports that allow you to view and export sale information.

Billing Activity Download

Our Billing Activity report lists all account sale information including both deposited and non-deposited sales for the date range specified. To access this report click the Sales tab and select the Billing Activity Download link at the bottom of the page.

The report is customizable by deposited sales, non-deposited sales, or all billing activity. You may also select whether or not to include the merchant order ID (the merchant_order_id is an additional parameter that can be passed into our purchase routine), product information, and/or the recurring installment number.  Next select the report currency. The currencies offered are USD, Purchase currency selected by the customer, or account display currency. A date range can be provided for the report by entering a From and To date in YYYY-MM-DD format. If a date is not entered the report will default to the past 30 days.  Lastly, a field separator must be selected for the report. The default selection is comma which will download a CSV report that can be opened by any spreadsheet program. Click the Download Billing Activity button to download the report.  The report downloaded will include each sale’s:

  • Sale number
  • Sale Total
  • Date Placed
  • Date Shipped
  • Customer Name
  • Billing Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Recipient Name
  • Shipping Address
  • Date Paid
  • Whether or not it was refunded
  • Refund Date
  • Whether or not it was charged back by the customer’s bank
  • Chargeback Date
  • Merchant order id
  • Product id
  • Product name
  • Recurring installment number

Other downloadable reports can be found on the Reporting tab and are explained in the following section.

Additional Reports

Additional sale related reports can be found under the Reports tab. The reports currently available are your Payments Report, Pending Invoices, Affiliate Sales, Product/Sale Summary, Recurrings to Bill and Unshipped Orders.

  • The Payment Report includes the information currently listed on your account’s Payment Details page.

  • The Pending Invoices report lists all sales currently in approved status and have not yet deposited.

  • The Affiliate Sales report provides a list of your account’s affiliate sales.

  • The Product/Sale Summary will list a breakdown of the number of each product sold and each products refund rate.

  • The Recurrings to Bill report will list the upcoming billing dates for your active recurring sales.

  • The Unshipped Orders report will include all of your account’s unshipped sales.

Requesting a Report

To request a new report, click on the report name under the Available Reports section. Then enter a date range and specify a file type for the report. Each report is offered in PDF, XLS (Microsoft Excel), XML, RTF (Rich Text), and CSV (Comma Separated Value) format.  Once a report is requested it will be listed in your Reports in Queue section. When completed, it will transfer into the Recently Completed Reports section and you may click on the report name to download.