2Checkout Documentation

Stop Recurring

On every recurring installment attempt both you and the buyer will receive email notification. This notification will list the installment information and whether or not the recurring installment was successful. These notifications can also be sent to a script on your server by using our Instant Notification Service. If a recurring sale declines the buyer will be provided with a link to update their billing information within the email notification. Once a declined billing has been updated a new attempt to bill will be made within 24 hours. To request the buyer update their billing information or to stop a recurring sale, click the sale number link to view the Sale Detail page.  If the recurring sale declined on the last rebilling attempt, you will have the option to send an update billing information request to the buyer.

Stop Recurring Lineitem

If you wish to stop the recurring billing click on the Stop this Recurring link listed under the line item on the Sale Detail page. When clicked the page will refresh and the line item will display Recurring Billing Stopped.

Please Note: Both you and the buyer will receive an email notification when a recurring billing has been stopped.