2Checkout Documentation


Coupons have proven themselves as one of the most powerful marketing tools a business can offer. If you’re interested in potentially boosting your sales volume by offering coupons head over to the Coupons page by clicking on the Products tab followed by the Coupons sub-category.

Creating Coupons

To create a new coupon, click the Add New Coupon link.

The first thing you will want to do when creating a coupon is decide on a coupon code. The coupon code is the value buyers will need to enter on the checkout page to obtain their discount. The code can be alphanumeric up to 16 characters, but cannot contain spaces and is not case sensitive.  Please Note: Coupon codes are not case sensitive so any case that the buyer uses will work in our purchase routine. If you do not enter a coupon code, one will be automatically assigned when the coupon is created.

Next, you will need to define an expiration date for your coupon. This can be done by entering it in YYYY-MM-DD format or by using the calendar tool.

Continue by defining a savings type and amount for the coupon. The example displays a fixed discount of 1.00. To view the savings type options click the drop-down menu.

  • Fixed Amount: Will apply a fixed amount discount based on the amount entered in the Savings field.

  • Percentage: Will apply a fixed percentage discount to the order, or a product on the order, based on the percentage that is entered in the Savings field.

  • Free Shipping: Will remove the shipping cost from the sale if a tangible Plug-and-Play product is ordered.

Now that a savings type has been defined you will need to determine how the coupon will be applied. In the example shown, the Show Products link has been clicked to associate the coupon to a created product. Then enter the selected product’s price as the minimum purchase amount. This will ensure that the coupon can only be used if the buyer is ordering a specific product. To apply the coupon to all created products on the account check the Select All Products box.  Please Note: If you check Select All Products the savings amount must be less than your lowest priced product. If no products are selected and the check box is left blank the savings will apply to the sale total rather than an individual product price.

Finally, to save the coupon, click the Create Coupon button. You may now distribute the code to your potential buyers as you see necessary.

Editing Coupons

If you would like to edit, delete or reinstate an expired coupon in the future, you can find the coupon by making the selection “Show All Active”, “Show All Expired” or “Show All Deleted” on the right side of the page and click the Find button.

Then reinstate a deleted coupon or edit an Active/Expired coupon, click on the coupon code and apply your changes.