2Checkout Documentation

Creating Products

To create a product, click the Product tab followed by the Create sub-category. Here you will view a Create Product screen similar to the one shown below.

Product Fields

Name Description
Name (Required) Product Name
Product ID (Required) Your Product ID
Short Description Product Short Description (Displayed on the buyer’s sales receipt.)
Long Description Product Long Description (Not displayed to the buyer.)
Price (Required) Product Price in your account’s pricing currency. (No Currency Symbol)
Tangible (Required) A tangible product is a physical product, for example a DVD. Tangible products are shipped and require that a shipping method be created within your account for checkout. An intangible product is one that does not require shipping, for instance an e-book or web hosting.
Weight (Tangible Only) Used to calculate a surcharge when using a weight based shipping method. (Not visible to the buyer.)
Handling (Tangible Only) Used to apply a set surcharge for each product ordered.
Recurring (Required) A recurring product is one that automatically bills the buyer on specific intervals of time for a set duration. Please Note: A free trial period is not possible on our recurring billings. You can however provide a discount on the first installment by setting up a negative startup fee.
Recurrence (Recurring Only) How often the product will bill. Recurrence can be set to bill at any set number of weeks, months, or years.
Duration (Recurring Only) The total amount of times in which the product will be billed. Duration can be set to bill for any set number of weeks, months, years, or forever (continuous billing until canceled). Example: A product set to bill every 1 month for a duration of 2 months will bill for 2 installments in total.
Startup Fee (Recurring Only) Positive or Negative amount that will be applied to the product price on the first installment only.
Product Category The category that your product falls under. (Only used for our affiliate program.)
Approved URL The URL that the buyer will be directed to when the checkout is complete. Please Note: If more than 1 product is ordered with a product level approved URL, the buyer will be provided with a “Download/Customize” link for each product on the Order Confirmation page.

Once you have filled in all of the required fields and any optional fields you choose to utilize, click Save Changes to save your new product.