2Checkout Documentation

Product Options

Product options are variable selections for specific products. For example shoe sizes for shoe products or colors for shirt products.

If a product associated with a product option is added to the shopping cart the option will be presented in a drop-down menu on the first section of the checkout page. The buyer will then be required to select an option value before continuing checkout.

Creating a Product Option

To create a product option, click the Products tab followed by the Options tab.

Click on the Add New Option link to reach the Create Option page.

When creating your option you will first need to enter the product option name. As the option name will identify the product option for buyers so it should be as specific as possible.

Next determine how many different option values you wish to offer. By default you will initially be provided with 4 option values. There is no limit to the number of option values possible. You may create 10 at a time by using the option value drop-down menu. When all available fields have been filled out, you may click the Save Changes button and additional fields will be added. The value name is the actual choice offered. As shown in the product option example we offer the choice of Small, Medium, Large or XL.

The surcharge is an additional cost you may charge buyers for the chosen option value. Surcharges may be specified in whole numbers (1, 2, etc.) or as decimals (1.00, 2.00, etc.). If you choose not to add surcharges they will default to 0.00.

After your option name, value names, and surcharges have been entered click the Save Changes button to create your product option. The page will refresh to reflect the new option value fields listed on the page. The number of fields that will be displayed are based on the number of fields displayed when the changes were saved. If you had selected 6 from the option values drop-down menu, 6 fields will reflect. If no further options or option values need to be created click on the Options sub-category to be returned to your Options page.

Editing Product Options

Alterations can be made to an existing option at any time by returning to the Options sub-category and clicking the edit icon located in the Actions column for the option you wish to edit.

Once you have made all of your edits, you can click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page.

Associating Product Options

Once all your option is created, you will need to associate the option with a single or multiple number of products. This can be done by clicking the Products tab followed by the edit icon in the Action column for the product you wish to associate with the option.

As shown in the example above the newly created product option will display on the right hand side of the page. It can be associated with the product by checking the box next to the option name and clicking the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page.

Product options can be universally applied to every product so you may repeat the association process with as many products as you wish.