2Checkout Documentation

Uploading Products

Creating products can be time consuming which is why we provide the ability to upload all products at one time through our product upload feature. The product upload tool can be accessed on the Products tab followed by the Upload sub-category

Before you can upload your products a properly formatted CSV or PSV file will need to be created. When creating your file, remember the number of fields used per line is 13. Each field is separated with a comma or pipe and each line must have no more or less than 13 separator. When using a CSV, product names and descriptions are common offenders to this rule as they sometimes include extra commas so we suggest creating a PSV file to handle these situations. Listed below are the fields that will need entered for each product along with the maximum length in characters for that field.

Name Description Maximum Characters
Product ID (Required) ID that you use to identify your product. 64
Name (Required) Name that will be used for your product. 128
Inventory Not currently used by the 2Checkout system and may be set to any non-negative number, including zero, or left blank. 9
Price (Required) Positive number representing the price of your product in the currency used by your 2Checkout account. No currency symbol should be used in the field itself. Valid examples are ‘100’ and ‘100.00’. 8
Weight Weight of your product used to calculate a shipping charge using your weight-based shipping methods. Only numbers should be used in this field. 4
Handling Charge Optional handling charge to be added on a per-product basis. No currency symbol should be used in the field itself. 4
Tangible Whether this product is a physical item (ie. clothing) or intangible (ie. software or services). Represented with a 1 for tangible or 0 for intangible. 1
Description Short description of your product that will display on your Order Page or when the item is added to a shopping cart. It’s easy to add an unintentional comma in this field, so check your descriptions. 255
Start Up Fee Additional fee to be used for recurring services. This must be a non-negative number, although it can be changed to a negative value after upload to represent a discount on the first billing cycle. No currency symbol should be used in the field itself. 4
Approved URL URL your buyer will be returned to after a successful order. This must be a full URL starting with http://. It can be left blank to use the URL specified in your account’s Site Management tab. 128
Recurrence Specifies the length between billing cycles (how often to charge). Entries should contain a number followed by Week, Month or Year. Examples are 1 Month (once a month) or 2 Month (every 2 months). There must be a space between the number and the word. Also, the word must start with a uppercase letter (see examples above). 32
Duration Specifies how long to continue billing. This should be formatted in the same method as Recurrence but can alternatively be set to Forever to continue billing until canceled. Keep in mind that, while 2 Month in the recurrence field means bill every 2 months, in the Duration field this means continue billing for 2 months. 32

Below you will find the first three lines of a working CSV and PSV file. The first product example is a simple tangible product that costs 1.00. The second product example is a recurring intangible product that will bill for 10.00 every month for two years with a 15.00 setup fee on the first installment. A custom approved URL has also been set for this product. The last product example is a tangible product that costs 100.00, weighs 10 units of measurement, and has a 5.00 handling charge.

CSV Example

EX01,Example One,,1.00,,,1,My first sample product.,,,,,,
EX02,Example Two,,10.00,,,0,Another sample product.,15.00,,,1 Month,2 Year,
EX03,Example Three,,100.00,10,5.00,1,The final sample product.,,,,,,
PSV Example
EX01|Example One||1.00|||1|My first sample product.||||||
EX02|Example Two||10.00|||0|Another sample product.|15.00|||1 Month|2 Year|
EX03|Example Three||100.00|10|5.00|1|The final sample product.||||||

Once the file has been created, you can upload the file by logging into your account, clicking the Products tab and then selecting the Upload subtab. From here you can click the Browse button next to the File field to select the file you wish to upload, select the file type and click the Submit Form button to upload your products.

If any errors are detected in your file we will be list them in red below the Submit Form button and no products will be uploaded.