2Checkout Documentation

Shipping Methods

You can create variable shipping methods for use with the 2Checkout Plug-and-Play cart. If you plan to offer tangible products using the Plug-and-Play cart, you will need to create at least one shipping method.

Creating a Shipping Method

To create shipping methods click the Shipping tab followed by the Add New Shipping Method link located on the upper right hand side of the Shipping page. The Add New Shipping Method link will open the shipping wizard, shown below, where you will determine the type of shipping method you wish to create.

You will be required to enter a Shipping Method Name. The name entered will be visible to the buyer in our checkout.

The next field, Tracking URL, is optional. If entered the URL will be provided to customers in their shipping notification email sent when the order is marked as shipped.

Next, you will select how shipping pricing will be calculated. Shipping pricing can be set to be based on one of the following.

  • Free Shipping: Will create a shipping method with the base price of 0.00 and display Free to the customer in purchase routine.

  • Fixed Shipping: Will apply a static flat-fee to the sale regardless of cart items.

  • Calculated Shipping: Will calculate the customer’s shipping price based on the customer’s delivery country, order weight, order total, or any combination thereof.

To assist in the set-up of the shipping methods a step-by-step tutorial is provided for each method in the sidebar. Please determine which type of shipping method you wish to offer and follow the provided tutorial accordingly.

If your shipping methods are not setup, a customer attempting to checkout with a tangible product will be unable to complete their order. Thus we recommend creating shipping methods before you begin selling.

Editing a Shipping Method

Alterations can be made to an existing shipping method at any time by returning to the Shipping tab and clicking the edit icon located in the Actions column for the shipping method you wish to edit. This will open the shipping wizard where you can edit the existing shipping method attributes.