2Checkout Documentation


Free shipping methods will always display the shipping price as “Free” on the checkout page. To create a free shipping method, follow the steps below.

Step 1

Open the Shipping Wizard by clicking on the blue plus sign + next to the Add New Shipping Method link on the right side of the Shipping page.

Step 2:

Enter a Shipping Method Name, Tracking URL (if applicable), and select Free under Pricing. Next select the countries in which you wish to offer this shipping method. The shipping method may be offered to customers from all trusted countries, your home country only, or individually chosen countries using a custom country list. Click the Continue button when finished.

Step 3:

If you selected Home Country Only or All Trusted Countries you will not see the screen below, but will go directly to Step 4. If you selected Custom List you will be transferred to the above displayed page to create your list. To add your desired countries simply highlight the country and click Add Countries. When finished click the Continue button.

Step 4:

Review your created shipping method details. If correct click Save.