2Checkout Documentation

Setup Payments

2Checkout can issue payments to sellers all over the world and in most cases we can issue payment in your local currency using either a free electronic funds transfer or an international wire transfer. You can also choose to be mailed a USD check or get paid using our internationally offered 2Checkout Payoneer MasterCard.

Releasing Payments

Payments are issued on a weekly basis every Thursday. To be eligible for payment, your account balance must exceed the release level that you have defined under your payment profile. Release of payments also depends on the status of your 2Checkout account, which would have to be of a “Y” or “P” status to be eligible for the funds release. If your account is in status “S” we will require that you contact our support department before we will be able to release your funds. You can view your account status and pending payment on your account homepage.

Creating a Payment Profile

In order to receive payments for your sales, you will need to setup a payment profile in your account under the banking wizard. To create a payment profile, click on the Account tab followed by the Bank Account sub-tab. On the right side of the page under Payment Profile you will need to click on the Banking Wizard button. If you wish to be paid through our internationally offered 2Checkout Payoneer MasterCard method you will first need to click on the Payoneer button to setup an account with Payoneer before creating a payment profile in our Banking Wizard. Please note: The Banking Wizard is locked down from Thursday to Friday while we are finalizing payments so you will not be able to create or edit your live payment profile during this time frame.

Banking Wizard Step 1

The first step in the Banking Wizard will require you to select a Bank Account Country and Payment Method. If your country is not listed, please select International. After you have selected your desired country and payment method click the Continue button.

Banking Wizard Step 2

The second step will require you to enter payment details. The details required depend on the country and payment method selected in Step 1.  For detailed information on the payment method, fees, completion instructions, and special notes please select your payment method from the sidebar to view more detailed documentation.

Banking Wizard Step 3

The final step requires that you set a payment profile name and save your new profile. If this is your first payment profile, it will be set as live as soon as it has been saved.

If you already have an active payment profile, it will display under the payment profiles click the Set Live link to enable. You can keep up to 3 payment profiles at any given time so that you can easily switch payment methods from week to week.

View Payments

You can view a detailed breakdown of your current pending and previous payments on the Account Balance page by clicking on the Account tab and Account Balance sub-tab. Your pending payment will be listed in the first row of the payments table and your payments that have already been released will be listed in chronological order.