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What is a Thank-You Page?

thank-you page
Is a redirected page that is usually available after someone has made a purchase of goods or services, and is the final landing page of the online purchasing process. The “thank-you page” can be used to increase customer satisfaction, for example, by offering additional information on the order and the delivery. In the case of digital goods or services, it can also provide instant access to the purchased product, rather than make the buyer wait to check their email.

Up-sells and cross-sell mechanisms can also be applied on the thank-you page, as well as one-click ordering, without asking the buyer to provide payment details again. It is recommended that the page contain a focused headline, a clear message, and a call-to-action. In addition, for an optimized thank-you page, make sure to display relevant information and guidance, such as contact details and a return button to the company’s website. As with any other page, merchants can use A/B testing to optimize it for conversion.

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