Funding your passionate cause is easy with 2Checkout

2CO offers a broad suite of payment services to help you raise funds and awareness for your passionate cause. 2CO’s credit card processing for non-profits enables you to focus your energy on serving others rather than funneling your time into managing payments.

"There is no greater calling than to serve your fellow men. There is no greater contribution than to help the weak. There is no greater satisfaction than to have done it well."

-Walter Reuther

2Checkout Service for Non-Profit Organizations

Whether you are managing a charity, a non-profit supporting schools or raising funds for a political representative, 2CO internet payment services include:

The Services

PCI compliant hosted payment page.

2Checkout hosts the donation page and we collect, store and encrypt credit card information to keep the transaction compliant with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. We keep the credit cards; you keep the donors!

Payment Methods

Broad platform of more than 8 payment methods

We offer 8 different paymethods to enable convert browsers to donors. Like any e-commerce company, the key to conversion is the right offer, the right price, the right time and the right checkout. Accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diner’s Club, PayPal and PIN Debit payments.

Low fees for 501(c)3 organizations – 2CO Internet Payment Services provides a method to aggregate your non-profit organization with other non-profit organizations to get a better overall rate for collecting donations on-line. Think of it as collective bargaining – 2CO is your agent!

Fraud Protection

Fraud protection services

2Checkout is not like other internet payment service providers. We put our phone number where consumers can readily find it if they have a question or need support. Being able to contact a company if there is an issue can increase conversion rates by more than 10%.

We make it easy

Donate now button

2Checkout Donate Now buttons are a quick and precise call to action to get your donors to support your cause.

Accept donations in multiple denominations – Some internet payment service providers restrict your donations to fixed increments. 2CO Internet Payments enable donations to come in an infinite array of denominations to match the needs and interests of your donors.

Again... and again.

Recurring donations

2Checkout recognizes that every cause has more than one fan; 2Checkout Internet Payment Services enable you to set-up recurring donations on a number of payment methods to keep cash flowing to your business. Easy set-up, easy maintenance, build a stable base of donations.

Cross Selling

Cross selling production for donations

2Checkout Global Affiliates is a network marketing service that allows you to sell products on your site in exchange for commissions that can be used to fund your business. Make special arrangements with any of our more than 20,000 clients to sell their services to your donors and to earn extra money for your cause.

Ohio Motorcyclists for Children

2Checkout non-profit solutions helps OMCC raise funds to battle childhood cancer.

Ohio Motorcyclists for Children is a small non-profit organization based in Columbus, Ohio that raises funds and awareness to combat childhood cancer. In 2010, OMCC came to 2CO looking for an on-line channel to raise funds for their Legacy Bike program, a raffle of a customized Harley Davidson with proceeds benefiting Nationwide Children's Hospital and The Ohio State University James Cancer Center. Checkout out our case study on how 2CO Non-Profit Solutions helped OMCC raise funds in the battle against cancer.


Source: GivingUSA Foundation/Giving USA 2010

The Rise of Charitable Giving – and Non-profits

Online giving is the hot trend in non-profit donations

The end of 2010 saw a spike in charitable giving where some charities received as much as a 20% increase over 2009 levels. On-line donations are picking up steam with many companies averaging 15% of donations from on-line donors and according to Blackbaud research, online donations grew 49% over 2008 levels. Even with hot on-line growth, 2009 saw a 3.6% contraction in charitable giving and 2010 is forecast to be up substantially from 2009 levels. Popular donation techniques include smaller donation amounts collected more frequently and a surge in recurring donations collected on-line. 2Checkout can build you a platform for driving on-line donations to your non-profit organization.