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With the new Payment API BETA, 2Checkout empowers you to include our payment processing power directly into your website.

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Our client-side javascript safely tokenizes your customer’s credit card information so no sensitive data touches your server. This lets you focus on designing a unique checkout experience, while 2Checkout handles all of your transactions, greatly reducing your PCI burden.

HTML Form Code
<form id="tcoCCForm" action="" onsubmit="return false" method="post">
  <input id="sellerId" type="hidden" value="1817037" />
  <input id="publishableKey" type="hidden" value="087F9356-39A3-4CEC-AAEE-0694E4B619EE" />
  <input id="token" name="token" type="hidden" value="" />
      <span>Card Number</span>
      <input id="ccNo" type="text" value="" autocomplete="off" required />
      <span>Expiration Date (MM/YYYY)</span>
      <input type="text" size="2" id="expMonth" required />
    <span> / </span>
    <input type="text" size="4" id="expYear" required />
      <input id="cvv" type="text" value="" autocomplete="off" required />
  <input type="submit" value="Submit Payment" onclick="retrieveToken()" />
JavaScript Code
function successCallback(data) {
var myForm = document.getElementById('tcoCCForm');
myForm.token.value = data.response.token.token;

function errorCallback(data) {

function retrieveToken() {
TCO.requestToken(successCallback, errorCallback, 'tcoCCForm');


(payment processing)

Charge your customers using the token created by our client-side Javascript library, creating a seamless checkout process in minutes.

Server Code Snippet
curl -X POST \
-d '{"sellerId": "1817037", "privateKey": "BiAWsn228tDCKUMldUw8", "merchantOrderId": "123", "token": "ODAxZjUzMDEtOWU0MC00NzA3LWFmMDctYmY1NTQ3MDhmZDFh", "currency": "USD", "lineItems": [{"name": "Demo Item", "price": "4.99", "type": "product", "quantity": "1", "recurrence": "4 Year", "startupFee": "9.99"} ], "billingAddr": {"name": "testing tester", "addrLine1": "123 test blvd", "city": "columbus", "state": "Ohio", "zipCode": "43123", "country": "USA", "email": "", "phoneNumber": "123456789"} }' \
-H 'Accept: application/json' -H 'Content-Type: application/json'
Twocheckout.privatekey = "BiAWsn228tDCKUMldUw8";

try {
HashMap<String, String> billing = new HashMap<String, String>();
billing.put("name", "Testing Tester");
billing.put("addrLine1", "123 test blvd");
billing.put("city", "Columbus");
billing.put("state", "Ohio");
billing.put("country", "USA");
billing.put("zipCode", "43230");
billing.put("email", "");
billing.put("phone", "555-555-5555");

HashMap<String, Object> request = new HashMap<String, Object>();
request.put("sellerId", "1817037");
request.put("merchantOrderId", "test123");
request.put("token", "MGI4OTU0OTQtMDIxNi00YThlLTliOTctZjg1YmJiMzg0MjA3");
request.put("currency", "USD");
request.put("total", "1.00");
request.put("billing", billing);

Authorization response = TwocheckoutCharge.authorize(request);
String message = response.getResponseMessage();
} catch (Exception e) {
String message = e.toString();
TwoCheckoutConfig.SellerID = "1817037"; TwoCheckoutConfig.PrivateKey = "8CE03B2D-FE41-4C53-9156-52A8ED5A0FA3"; //TwoCheckoutConfig.Sandbox = true; <-- Set Mode to use your 2Checkout sandbox account try { var Billing = new AuthBillingAddress(); Billing.addrLine1 = "123 test st"; = "Columbus"; Billing.zipCode = "43123"; Billing.state = "OH"; = "USA"; = "Testing Tester"; = ""; = "5555555555"; var Customer = new ChargeAuthorizeServiceOptions(); = (decimal)1.00; Customer.currency = "USD"; Customer.merchantOrderId = "123"; Customer.billingAddr = Billing; Customer.token = "MzIwNzI3ZWQtMjdiNy00NTVhLWFhZTEtZGUyZGQ3MTk1ZDMw"; var Charge = new ChargeService(); var result = Charge.Authorize(Customer); Console.Write(result); } catch (TwoCheckoutException e) { Console.Write(e); }Twocheckout::setApiCredentials("1817037", "BiAWsn228tDCKUMldUw8");
try {
$charge = Twocheckout_Charge::auth(array(
"sellerId" => "1817037",
"merchantOrderId" => "123",
"token" => $_POST['token'],
"currency" => 'USD',
"total" => '10.00',
"billingAddr" => array(
"name" => 'Testing Tester',
"addrLine1" => '123 Test St',
"city" => 'Columbus',
"state" => 'OH',
"zipCode" => '43123',
"country" => 'USA',
"email" => '',
"phoneNumber" => '555-555-5555'

if ($charge['response']['responseCode'] == 'APPROVED') {
echo "Thanks for your Order!";
} catch (Twocheckout_Error $e) {
'private_key': 'BiAWsn228tDCKUMldUw8',
'seller_id': '1817037',
'mode': 'production'

params = {
'merchantOrderId': '123',
'token': 'ODAxZjUzMDEtOWU0MC00NzA3LWFmMDctYmY1NTQ3MDhmZDFh',
'currency': 'USD',
'total': '1.00',
'billingAddr': {
'name': 'Testing Tester',
'addrLine1': '123 Test St',
'city': 'Columbus',
'state': 'OH',
'zipCode': '43123',
'country': 'USA',
'email': '',
'phoneNumber': '555-555-5555'

result = twocheckout.Charge.authorize(params)
print result.responseCode
except TwocheckoutError as error:
print error.msg
Twocheckout::API.credentials = {
:seller_id => '1817037',
:private_key => 'BiAWsn228tDCKUMldUw8'

params = {
:merchantOrderId => '123',
:token => 'ZmYyMzMyZGMtZTY2NS00NDAxLTlhYTQtMTgwZWIyZTgwMzQx',
:currency => 'USD',
:total => '1.00',
:billingAddr => {
:name => 'Testing Tester',
:addrLine1 => '123 Test St',
:city => 'Columbus',
:state => 'OH',
:zipCode => '43123',
:country => 'USA',
:email => '',
:phoneNumber => '555-555-5555'

result = Twocheckout::Checkout.authorize(params)
rescue Exception => e
puts e.message
var tco = new Twocheckout({ sellerId: "1817037", privateKey: "3508079E-5383-44D4-BF69-DC619C0D9811", sandbox: false }); authorize = { "merchantOrderId": "123", "token": "MWQyYTI0ZmUtNjhiOS00NTIxLTgwY2MtODc3MWRlNmZjY2Jh", "currency": "USD", "total": "10.00", "billingAddr": { "name": "Testing Tester", "addrLine1": "123 Test St", "city": "Columbus", "state": "Ohio", "zipCode": "43123", "country": "USA", "email": "", "phoneNumber": "5555555555" } }; tco.checkout.authorize(authorize, function (error, data) { if (error) { console.log(error); } else { console.log(data.response.responseCode); } });
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