The Experts

Michael Fauscette

Chief Research Officer
G2 Crowd


Tyson Quick

CEO & Founder


Kathleen Greenler Sexton

Subscription Insider

Subscription Insider

Host: Geoff Knapp

VP of Business Development


There is no true shortcut to success - but you can accelerate your progress by getting to know the upcoming trends in eCommerce and working out an action plan for each. So it's time to take our annual look at what's ahead for eCommerce, SaaS, Subscription, and payments professionals in 2019.

Watch our panel discussion to learn more about what these trends are and how to implement them in your online business. We focus on customer acquisition and retention, conversion optimization, international growth, and other new strategies that will affect businesses selling online.

Our expert panelists each offer a unique perspective on what's coming in 2019.

Who Should Watch

eCommerce, CRO, Software and Online Services Professionals

  • Marketing: CMO, VP of Marketing, Online Marketing Mgr, Strategists, Demand Generation Mgr, CRO and Retention Specialists
  • eCommerce: eCommerce directors and managers, coordinators or consultants, eCommerce specialists
  • Sales: VP of Sales, Sales Operations, Sales Development, Online sales
  • Anyone from C-suite to practitioners seeking to learn more on eCommerce trends, Growth Hackers

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