Avangate Fall Release '15 | Frictionless Selling. Simplified.


Dear Partner,

I'm incredibly excited to announce the Avangate Fall Release '15, focused on helping customers increase subscription revenues and accept more global payments for frictionless online selling.

Michael Ni,

CMO/SVP, Marketing and Products


For the rapidly growing digital goods, software and services vendors, an estimated 10-20% of potential revenue is leaked away due to poorly assembled systems and high-touch selling processes that support digital commerce.

Avangate has extended its platform with 150 new features and enhancements to further enable frictionless selling to simplify and automate customer acquisition, increase revenue uplift and conversions, and drive recurring revenue worldwide.

Some of our clients significantly improved customer experience through frictionless selling. ABBYY USA has taken some major leaps forward regarding business optimization, integration with third-party applications, new online sales channels and improving commerce KPIs, seeing a revenue uplift of more than 30%.

To help companies optimize their commerce operations and maximize the value of every customer, Avangate is also announcing a free revenue leakage assessment service to help software, SaaS and online services companies identify, assess and recover potentially lost revenue across the Digital Commerce Lifecycle. To learn more, please visit avangate.com/uplift.

Fall Release '15 Features and Enhancements

Fastest Path to Revenue

Optimized Shopping Cart

Extended Lead Management

Streamlined Purchase Flows

Updated Self-Service Tools

Backup USB Support

API 3.0 Beta

Salesforce Connector 2.0
Maximize Value of Every Customer

Avangate Revenue Recovery Tool Updates

Quarterly Business Insights

Drive Revenue Worldwide

New Payment Tools
Expand Market Reach

Extended Distribution Capabilities

Expanding International Payments and Taxation

How Do I Learn More About the Release?

Read the Fall Release '15 Blogpost for more details on the release.

Register for our Fall Release Demo Webinar to understand how to get the most out of the fall release, understand use cases and how they apply to your business, as well as see a live demo of all features.

Schedule a meeting and talk to one of our key Commerce Consultants on how you can increase revenue uplift.

Where Do I Learn More About Frictionless Selling, Digital Commerce Lifecycle or CRO?

eBook: CRO for Digital Marketers

Datasheet: Convert Revenue Leakage to Revenue Uplift

Success Stories: several case studies featuring revenue increases with CRO and Revenue Uplift Services: Telestream, 123ContactForm and more.

Check our latest CRO webinars & resources

Let's Continue the Conversation!

If you’re interested in learning more about how to increase subscription revenues, accept more global payments for frictionless online selling we would be more than happy to connect with you. Schedule a meeting and one of our key Commerce Consultants will contact you to continue the conversation.

Happy Selling,

Michael Ni
CMO/SVP, Marketing and Products


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