Avangate Summer '16 Release | Increase Recurring Revenue with 
Extended Pay as You Go Tools


Dear Partner,

With the Summer '16 Release, Avangate unveils new functionality designed to power recurring revenue momentum and nurture continuous customer lifetime value (CLTV) growth.

We have extended our platform with over 400 features and enhancements, designed to help you accelerate time-to-value across the entire subscription lifecycle and fine-tune your end-to-end monetization strategy.

Avangate provides a proven, market leading solution to help you manage all aspects of the subscription lifecycle. The newest features extend the flexibility of metered billing and give you more control over the subscription lifecycle.

Summer '16 Release Features and Enhancements

Smarter Payments & Conversions

PayPal In-context Checkout

1-Scan Bank Transfers

POLi Real Time Bank Transfers

Offline Payments +
Flexible Billing Engine and Monetization

Extended Usage Billing Model

Advanced Postpaid Invoicing

Subscription Cancellation Management

Reporting and Data Import/Export Enhancements

Threshold Promotions
Scaled Onboarding & Retention Operations

Redesigned Transactional Emails

Channel Communication Enhancements

How Do I Learn More About the Release?

Watch the Avangate Summer '16 Release video to find out more about the newly released features

Read the Summer '16 Release blogpost for more details about the new rolled out capabilities

Watch the Summer '16 Release webinar to understand use cases and how they apply to your business, as well as see a live demo of the features

Schedule a meeting and talk to one of our eCommerce Consultants on how you can increase revenue uplift

Where Do I Learn More About International Selling, Digital Commerce Lifecycle or CRO?

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If you’re interested in learning more about how to increase subscription revenues, accept more global payments for frictionless online selling, we would be more than happy to connect with you. Schedule a meeting and one of our Commerce Consultants will contact you to continue the conversation.

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Adriana Iordan
Snr. Director, Product Management


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