Dear Partners,

I'm incredibly excited to announce the Avangate Spring '16 Release!

We have extended our all-in-one platform with more than 400 features and enhancements, which continue to build on top of our investments to accelerate your path to revenue and enhance customer retention.

  • New analytics and business intelligence features simplify the way you access the Key Performance Indicators for your business.
  • New features and tools designed to optimize the purchase funnel help you remove conversion barriers.
  • New local payment tools and other conversion solutions enable you to increase retention at every stage of the customer lifecycle.

Spring '16 Release Features and Enhancements

Grow with the Power of Data

Monthly Business Performance Reviews

Adobe Analytics Integration Log Monitor

Exchange Rate Optimization
Automate Customer Acquisition and Retention

RRT Self-Service Activation

Account Updater Europe

Domestic Turkish Cards with Installments

Real-time Bank Transfers for Finland & Sweden
Optimize the Purchase Funnel

1-Click PayPal Upsell and Cross-sell

API Client-side Encryption

Threshold Promotions

How Do I Learn More About the Release?

Read the Spring '16 Release blogpost for more details on the new rolled out capabilities

Watch the Spring '16 Release webinar to understand how to get the most out of this release, understand use cases and how they apply to your business, as well as see a live demo of the features

Schedule a meeting and talk to one of our key Commerce Consultants on how you can increase revenue uplift

Where Do I Learn More About International Selling, Digital Commerce Lifecycle or CRO?

Global Commerce in Local Markets for Software and SaaS Companies

Local Processing and Credit/Debit Card Support in Turkey

Online Bank Transfers in Nordic Countries

Customer Acquisition For Digital Goods and Services Companies

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Let's Continue the Conversation!

If you’re interested in learning more about how to increase subscription revenues, accept more global payments for frictionless online selling, we would be more than happy to connect with you. Schedule a meeting and one of our Commerce Consultants will contact you to continue the conversation.

Happy Selling!

Adriana Iordan
Snr. Director, Product Management


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