CommerceNOW '22 | WEBINAR

How Payment Innovation Helps Merchants Address New Omnichannel Expectations

Webinar Duration: 36 minutes
Thomas Smale

Francois Crehange
Product and Solution Director ,

FE International

Merchants are facing multiple changes that have been accelerated by the recent crises.

Francois Crehange, Product and Solution Director at Verifone, will show you how merchants can leverage the latest payment innovations to transform these challenges into opportunities and grow their business.

In this session, you will discover:

  • How payment solutions can help merchants benefit from the latest digital and omnichannel trends
  • How payment flexibility is the key to meeting new consumer expectations
  • How merchants can significantly improve the shopping experience

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About Verifone

Verifone started as a pioneer in cashless payment, securing checks and credit cards through digitization. One of their first inventions was the "Verification Phone", an electronic method that protects merchants from fraudulent checks. The brand name and problem-solving DNA emerges from that initial innovation.

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