Best Strategies to Upgrade SaaS Users to Paid or Higher Tiers

Client retention and monetization of the current user base are two of the most prolific approaches for SaaS companies to boost their long-term profitability. By compelling users to upgrade to higher product tiers, or to upgrade from a free tier to a paid one, SaaS businesses can develop lucrative revenue uplift opportunities and ultimately increase their client lifetime value.

In this resource we explore upgrade opportunities available in subscriptions and go over the strategies that can help you achieve more revenue from existing customers. Read this eBook to discover:

  • Types of transition types most used in subscriptions (freemium to paid, free trial to paid, lower paid tier to higher paid tier)
  • Different approaches needed to convert users to a higher recurring tier
  • Main business areas and touchpoints that can generate revenue uplift opportunities.

Plus, see examples of how successful SaaS businesses structure their plans to inspire more perceived value and get users to upgrade faster.

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