How Biometrics Are Shaping Payments and What This Means for Online Merchants

Webinar Duration: 39 minutes
Stefan Verbaarschott

Stefan Verbaarschott
Director of Payments Compliance,

Stefan Cenusa

Stefan Cenusa
Product Manager - Payments,


With the recent introduction of regulations like SCA and PSD2 that govern the security of online payments, new technological authentication mechanisms have been made available to shoppers. The modern commerce ecosystem can now employ user biometrics data in faster and safer ways to clear a payment.

Join Stefan Verbaarschott, 2Checkout Director of Payments Compliance, and Stefan Cenusa, 2Checkout Product Manager in Payments, for a live discussion on where the biometrics market is headed and what this means for merchants.

This webinar will cover:

  1. The state of the compliance environment today and how SCA and PSD2 have changed payments.
  2. Currently available biometric authentication alternatives (fingerprint, QR code, facial recognition), how they work during checkout and what their dependencies are.
  3. Live demos of card network flows that employ biometrics.
  4. Implications for merchants such as impact on transaction success rate, exemptions and fraud prevention potential.
  5. The future of biometrics and new technologies that are in development.

As usual, the webinar will include a Q&A session at the end.

Who should watch: Merchants selling physical or digital goods online in their local markets or globally.

Roles: eCommerce managers, payment managers, operational risk analysts, risk and compliance managers, finance specialists.

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How Biometrics are Shaping Payments and What This Means for Online Merchants
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