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How to Survive in the Age of AI, Voice & Personalization?

Webinar Duration: 44 minutes
Karl Gilis

Karl Gilis
AG Consult

AG Consult

Did you know that 52% of the Fortune 500 companies of 2000 don't exist anymore? And that digital disruption will wipe out another 40% in the next decade? AI, voice & personalization are conquering the world.

Once again, technology completely changes the way we do business and communicate with prospects and clients. How to make sure you will survive?

After 18 years of successes and defeats as a consultant for companies as TUI, Carglass and Yoast, Karl Gilis, the co-founder of AG Consult, thinks he has found the answer.

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How to Survice in the Age of AI, Voice & Personalization?
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