CommerceNOW '20 | WEBINAR

The Aha Gamble

Proxies, Pseudo-Value, and Abandoned Users in User Onboarding

Webinar Duration: 40 minutes
Yohann Kunders

Yohann Kunders
Content Editor,


Aha moments are considered the ultimate user onboarding optimization tool. But are they? Do a little conceptual analysis and you'll find that they're plagued with logical inconsistency, are extremely subjective, and that they fail to account for some of the onboardings most important ideas, even at their best.

Take it from someone who used to love them: they're a gamble. And the more you gamble with new users, the less they are likely to stick around.

In his talk, Yohann Kunders, Content Editor at UserOnboard, explains the "aha moments" concept and shares useful tips to help you improve your user onboarding experience.

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