Content Marketing for eCommerce Businesses

Workshop Duration: 83 minutes
Irina Ianculescu

Irina Ianculescu

You may be tired of hearing "content is king" by now. Yet content maintains its leadership in marketing today, even though other aspects, like context and distribution, also hold important positions in the 'royal family'. In the age of social media, clickbait titles and ever-changing Google search algorithms, good content marketing is the only way a business can stand out from the crowd and gain the trust of its customers. But how do you do content marketing right?

If you have struggled with finding relevant content ideas for your eCommerce business, or with creating impactful content for your marketing, this workshop is for you! Digital marketing expert Irina Ianculescu, founder of, will share her KICK framework for content marketing and help you address your most pressing content challenges.

Here's how it works and what you'll learn:

  1. Share your content marketing challenges with us, using the registration form for the workshop.
  2. We will select the most interesting ones and then provide actionable insights and advice on how to solve those challenges.
  3. You'll learn how to:
    • Find content ideas based on actual customer needs;
    • Create content on a regular basis;
    • Use your content to provide answers to real problems and pain points that customers have;
    • Create content in an organized manner. based on industry trends and best practices;
    • Drive relevant traffic to your website.

Watch this workshop now and learn how to grow your commerce business!

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Content Marketing for eCommerce Businesses
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