eCommerce in Australia

A Merchant's Cross-Border Guide to Online Sales

With the world's 11th highest-ranked eCommerce market and near 100% mobile broadband connectivity, Australia has a robust digital sector, making it a welcoming destination for cross-border sellers. But to succeed in this market, merchants need to understand the country's unique buying and payment preferences and optimize shopping journeys to user expectations.

Read this resource for a better understanding of factors that provision for success when selling online in Australia, including details on:

  • The size and dynamics of the Australian eCommerce market and the main categories of goods ordered online
  • The spike in online growth generated by the pandemic which further boosted analyst forecasts
  • Payment method preferences and checkout considerations to optimize conversion rate.

Get all the relevant details needed to enter the Australian eCommerce market and find out what it takes to compete against established players in the region.

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