eCommerce in Israel

A Merchant's Cross-Border Guide to Online Sales

Israel, the country with the world's highest R&D investment rate and home to some of the world's greatest privately-held "unicorns", has a rapidly-expanding online market. It has experienced strong eCommerce growth over the last decade and is expected to increase by 13.9% through 2025, making it an ideal destination for cross-border expansion.

In this resource, we take a closer look at the digital commerce market in Israel, analyzing the factors that drive growth in this space and the challenges and opportunities that global merchants encounter when expanding their business here. Read this resource to get insights on:

  • The state of digital commerce in Israel and why it is a top 10 player in terms of per-capita online spending
  • Shopper expectations with regards to payment methods, checkout experience, and affinity for mobile browsing
  • The main verticals and categories users favor for online shopping.

Get actionable tips on how to provision your digital commerce business for success when expanding your sales reach in Israel.

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eCommerce in Israel
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