eCommerce in Mexico

A Merchant's Cross-Border Guide to Online Sales

Mexico is a global top 15 economy, forecast to broach the top 5 by 2030. With an eCommerce penetration rate of 36%, smartphone penetration at 65%, a booming manufacturing base, and technological investments received, the country has the fundamentals to continue its growth path, making it an appealing destination for merchants looking to expand their reach cross-border.

Discover our eBook "eCommerce in Mexico: A Merchant's Cross-Border Guide to Online Sales" to get the details on the particularities of this market and the opportunities and challenges that await your online business here. You will learn:

  • Details on market size, growth rate, main product categories sought out by shoppers, and the importance of the prevalence of eCommerce in the country
  • Mexican buyers' preferences for payment methods used online and insights on their expected checkout experience
  • Details on how subscription verticals are growing in the region.

Get your primer on what is needed to start selling online in Mexico and discover actionable insights and recommendations from the 2Checkout platform.

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eCommerce in Mexico
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