eCommerce in Spain

A Merchant's Cross-Border Guide to Online Sales

With the fourth-largest economy in the Eurozone, Spain is a desirable destination for merchants looking to expand cross-border in this region. In addition, Spain is the second fastest growing market in this space after the Nordic countries, making it an appealing target with endless opportunities for sellers who seek their next big online expansion.

Check out our eBook "eCommerce in Spain: A Merchant's Cross-Border Guide to Online Sales" to understand what you should consider when expanding to Spain and what it takes to be successful in this growing economy. Get insights on:

  • The state of digital commerce in Spain and why this country is a top-10 global player in retail eCommerce
  • Spanish online shoppers' expectations in terms of payment methods and checkout experience
  • How subscriptions are a big contributor to Spain's eCommerce growth, and what expectations to have for renewal rates on recurring purchases

Plus, get real-life tips from the 2Checkout platform on how to set up your online shop for success in the rising Spanish market.

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eCommerce in Spain
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