eCommerce in Sweden

A Merchant's Cross-Border Guide to Online Sales

Sweden's digital supremacy, consumer wealth, and English proficiency make it an appealing destination for merchants eyeing it as a target for their next cross-border expansion. As one of the world's leading tech centers and with a population that, by some accounts, almost all shop online, Sweden is a mature eCommerce market with numerous opportunities for sellers looking to expand their reach there.

Read this resource to understand what you should keep in mind when setting up shop in this market, and get details on:

  • The state of eCommerce in Sweden and why the Nordic country is a top-18 global eCommerce player.
  • Swedish online buyers' preferences when shopping online and their socially conscious attitudes.
  • Payment method preferences and expectations for the checkout experience in the country.

Plus, get real-life insights on what to expect when selling in Sweden and how to set up your shop for success in this market.

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eCommerce in Sweden
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