eCommerce in Turkey

A Merchant's Cross-Border Guide to Online Sales

Turkey was the 11th largest eCommerce market in Europe in 2020. With 53 million shoppers expected to shop online in Turkey by 2024, it is no wonder the market is appealing to cross-border sellers. But in order to find success here, merchants need to understand the country's eCommerce infrastructure and cater to the preferences of local shoppers.

Read this resource to discover our experienced guidance on how to enter the Turkish eCommerce market and get actionable insights on:

  • An overview on the country's digital market, stats, and details on online shopper profiles as well as their purchasing habits and preferences
  • Details on local payment processing in Turkey and the options that generate the highest checkout conversion rates
  • A look at the country's taxation system and how data privacy is governed in Turkey

Plus, get best-practice advice from millions of transactions processed through the 2Checkout platform in Turkey.

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eCommerce in Turkey
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