eCommerce in the UK

A Merchant's Cross-Border Guide to Online Sales

Taking on different global markets is no easy task, especially if you're eyeing established eCommerce markets with a high level of competition. The UK is the world's third largest market for online sales, so merchants wanting to establish themselves there need to properly understand its eCommerce dynamics. With 88% of the British population already shopping online, it is indeed an appealing - albeit challenging - scaling opportunity.

This eBook is a great primer on how you should prepare for entering the UK eCommerce market. Read the resource to uncover what you need to know to achieve success here, including:

  • All you need to know about local payment processing, accepting online payments in the UK, and checkout preferences.
  • A look at the main product categories gaining traction in eCommerce in the UK.
  • An overview of the legal guidelines that govern online selling in Great Britain, especially in light of privacy regulation shifts brought by Brexit.

Plus, get the stats, best practice advice, and 2Checkout's own recommendations on how to successfully sell online in this market.

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eCommerce in the UK
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