How to Create Unique Content for Your eCommerce Product Pages

Webinar Duration: 60 minutes
Kristina Azarenko

Kristina Azarenko
eCommerce and Technical SEO Consultant and Founder,


In the modern age of eCommerce, product pages play a major role in attracting and converting users into customers. Since the digital landscape has seen significant growth over the past few years, eCommerce businesses are focused even more on differentiating themselves and saving their spots in the first queries of search pages. It's more important than ever to properly optimize these pages for search engines so that your digital store can get consistent traffic.

Watch this session hosted by Kristina Azarenko, eCommerce and Technical SEO Consultant and Founder at MarketingSyrup, to get best practices and SEO tips that will help you optimize your eCommerce product pages, increase your conversion rates, and ultimately, generate more revenue.

You'll learn how to:

  • Identify SEO issues on product pages and the best ways to fix them
  • Create high-quality and unique content for your product pages
  • Find ways to stand out in the eCommerce landscape

Who should watch: Any role in eCommerce, SEO optimization, marketing, conversion and website optimization, retention, business owners.

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