CommerceNOW '22 | WEBINAR

Visual Commerce Revolution, the New Way to Experience Shopping

Webinar Duration: 42 minutes
Thomas Smale

Angelo Coletta
Founder & CEO ,

FE International

Visual Commerce is the bridge between your online store and the real world, bringing products to life. Using technology that enables customers to visualize products in ways even physical locations cannot provide and creating one-of-a-kind options that are only available through a specific platform.

In his session, Angelo Coletta, Founder and CEO at Zakeke, will tell us how to leverage Augmented Reality in order to transform the customer journey into more than just a transaction, but also an opportunity to be immersed in the virtual world and interact with products through a cohesive user experience.

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About Zakeke

Zakeke empowers brands and retailers to offer their customers live product personalization and 3D / AR View. Zakeke enables merchants to meet the increasing demand for customized products. Cloud-based, cross-platform and multi-lingual to fit any store, anywhere, Zakeke is the ultimate professional Visual Commerce platform.

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