Why Commerce Matters

More than Just a Payment Platform, Commerce Can Improve Your Entire Business


An Insider's View of Commerce

Forrester knows commerce. The respected analyst firm has been studying commerce platforms for years. But recently, the firm did an in-depth study of the 2Checkout commerce platform and found some particularly impressive results. The resulting Total Economic Impact report reveals the more than 200 percent return on investment in the 2Checkout platform that one customer achieved, and explores the elements of commerce that really pay off for modern companies.

How to Evaluate the Right Commerce Solution

It can be difficult to evaluate commerce platforms. Payment processors will provide misleading information about what you really need, and many apparently full-featured platforms do not include everything necessary for successfully selling online. This report provides a useful framework for evaluating commerce solutions, including identifying your needs and analyzing the potential benefits from the platform.

Who Can Benefit

This Total Economic Impact report will benefit Commerce Executives, VP of Sales, VP of Marketing, eCommerce Managers who want to understand how commerce can enhance their business and need guidance selecting the best commerce platform for their needs. Read the report to discover:

  • What commerce really means and why it's so important
  • Factors that impact the return on investment in commerce platforms
  • Where different commerce platforms excel and where they fall flat
  • How to build a framework for evaluating online commerce solutions
  • One company's impressive success story with 2Checkout
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