How to Master Social Selling for B2B

Raluca Bejgu

Speaker: Raluca Bejgu
Digital Marketing Manager,
2Checkout (now Verifone)


Social media channels are ideal environments for sales teams to discover, interact, and build relationships with potential prospects. But to be successful at this, you need a solid social selling strategy in place. You don't want to transform social media into the latest version of cold-calling, but instead develop a smart approach that will bring your potential customers closer to you.

Watch this interactive session with Raluca Bejgu, Digital Marketing Manager at 2Checkout (now Verifone), to learn how to build your own social selling plan and leverage it to expand your network, improve your sales pipeline, and close more revenue. Get up-to-date, actionable insights, examples, and directions on:

  • The main channels you can use for social selling.
  • Optimizations and workflows for each social media channel used by your sales teams.
  • How to go from chaotic posting to a calculated engagement plan on social media.
  • How to measure results.

Who should watch: Online services providers, subscription businesses, any company selling physical or digital goods online, B2B, through assisted sales or a combination of self-service and assisted sales.

Roles: Sales & Marketing VPs and Managers, Sales team leads, SDRs, Social media Managers

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How to Master Social Selling for B2B
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