Improve Your Subscription Business By Minimizing Churn

Webinar Duration: 86 minutes
Marius Baraitaru

Speaker: Marius Baraitaru
Product Manager, Subscriptions

Vojtech Stribrsky

Guest Speaker: Vojtech Stribrsky
Online Sales Manager,


It may have a bad reputation, but subscriber churn can also be a great opportunity to uncover business areas that need attention. Voluntary churn, in particular, is a rich source of insight for business development - knowing why customers are leaving can help your company optimize its strategies and offerings.

Watch this session with Marius Baraitaru, Product Manager at 2Checkout, and learn:

  1. Why voluntary churn occurs and how you can measure it
  2. What market/product insights you can learn from churn
  3. How commerce tools can help you deal with churn and optimize your retention strategy

Special guest Vojtech Stribrsky, Online Sales Manager at Avast, will showcase churn prevention campaigns in action and share what worked for his company. Watch the session and find out how to identify product pain points through analysis of your customer churn, and discover the type of tools needed for retention. As usual, the webinar will include a Q&A session at the end.

Who should watch: Software and SaaS companies, subscription businesses

Roles: eCommerce managers, product managers, subscription managers, business owners.

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