How to Localize Your Digital Business for Global Commerce

An introductory guide

Technology may be making the world smaller, but cultural preferences remain. While international commerce is on the rise, with online shoppers increasingly willing to disregard borders, customers still demand a local, relevant and trusted shopping experience to make that purchase decision.

If your business wants to sell globally, you will need to allocate the necessary resources to localizing your digital sales strategy to each market you target. Effective localization requires much more than simply translating your shopping cart into a few languages. It is a crucial element of the experience you offer your customers and it determines whether they will trust you with their business.

Read this free eBook to understand what localization really means in digital commerce and learn:

  • How to tailor your strategy to different audiences and regional markets;
  • What elements need to be localized and how they impact conversion rates, from language to payments, pricing and more;
  • The tools you need to implement your localized strategies;
  • How to choose a digital commerce provider that can help you sell globally effectively.
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