How To Optimize Your Checkout For International Markets

Webinar Duration: 50 minutes
Vlad Bisceanu

Speaker: Vlad Bisceanu
Conversion Rate Optimization Team Lead,

Vipul Bansa

Host: Vipul Bansal
Marketing Manager,


Working with customers from around the world offers a great learning opportunity. You not only get to gather insights on optimizing an enticing checkout experience, but also an understanding of what each market prefers.

Vlad Bisceanu, Conversion Rate Optimization Team Lead at 2Checkout, an all-in-one monetization platform, learned that different countries have distinct preferences in terms of payment setup. Building your checkout funnel with these regional particularities in mind, you can considerably boost your revenue.

For example, users from the U.S. show a preference for a short, one-step checkout experience. On the other hand, some countries from Europe, like Germany and France, prefer reviewing their order before placing it.


  1. Why website, cart, and purchase flow localization matters and why consistency is key: If your product page is localized but your checkout page is not, you are losing conversionsrsions.
  2. The importance of payment methods: At the global level, local payment methods represent around 10% of the total of placed orders. In certain countries, however, they account for over 50% of the revenue. You would not want to miss out on those.
  3. Particularities of A/B testing on the checkout page: learn these and other quick A/B test ideas for optimal results. In specific countries, you can boost your conversion rate by up to 20% by adding or cutting a step in the purchase funnel.

Watch this webinar with Vlad as he shares his learnings that really worked!

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How To Optimize Your Checkout For International Markets
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