Friction or No Friction for an Optimized Customer Journey in 2022?

Webinar Duration: 60 minutes
Claudiu Murariu

Claudiu Murariu
CEO & Co-Founder,


Any SaaS product owner will tell you that they want users to experience their product's value as quickly as possible. Steps are cut from the setup process to make onboarding as smooth as possible.

But does the data agree with this? Is all friction killing conversion rates? Or is there good and bad friction?

Watch this 2Checkout (now Verifone) webinar with guest speaker Claudiu Murariu, InnerTrends CEO and Co-Founder, to master the use of friction to improve client retention.

You'll learn how to:

  • Track and analyze time to value by mapping your customer journey metrics by stage (and how to do that easily with a free tool).
  • Understand the impact of each action on the overall onboarding process - determine where friction points may be.
  • Take action to push users down the onboarding funnel the smart way (take out some of the friction points - or not).
  • Optimize onboarding using data rather than guessing.

Who should watch: Any role in product optimization, marketing, and client retention from SaaS companies or mobile apps.

About InnerTrends

InnerTrends is a product analytics tool that helps product-led companies optimize their app faster with product usage insights from pre-built reports, based on a unique setup that considers each business' context and goals.

Product teams immediately understand the impact of their initiatives across the customer journey, from acquisition and activation to retention and referral. Data experts validate each product analytics setup.

More info at www.innertrends.com

About the speaker: Claudiu Murariu

Claudiu is obsessed with data-led decisions; he's on a mission to keep raising the bar on driving insights from data to accelerate business growth and product adoption. Claudiu has more than ten years of experience working with hundreds of SaaS startups that he helped optimize and scale using data science. His specialties are growth and product analytics and business intelligence.

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Friction or No Friction for an Optimized Customer Journey in 2022?
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