Outbound Strategies for the Modern Digital Business

Aaron Ross

Guest Speaker: Aaron Ross
Predictable Revenue

Predictable Revenue
Alexandra Marcu

Host: Alexandra Marcu
VP Marketing,


Outbound, or the process of reaching out to new audiences, is one of the greatest challenges in marketing, for B2C and B2B markets alike. Outbound implies attempting to get customers' attention through advertising, mass email, partnerships, or in-person meetings, so it can often feel like shooting in the dark.

Watch this session with Aaron Ross of PredictableRevenue to discover:

  1. How B2B and digital eCommerce companies can best make use of Sales & Marketing Outbound Strategies
  2. What the pros and cons of Outbound Marketing and Outbound Partnerships are
  3. How Outbound can help consumer companies go upmarket.

Learn how to adapt your outbound strategies and what you could be achieving if you concentrate your efforts in the right direction.

Who should attend: eCommerce companies, software, and SaaS businesses

Roles: eCommerce managers, sales or marketing VPs, business owners

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Outbound Strategies for the Modern Digital Business
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