Payment Fraud Prevention: An eCommerce Industry-Wide Perspective

Webinar Duration: 63 minutes
Una Dillon

Guest Speaker: Una Dillon
Managing Director,
Merchant Risk Council

Christopher Wassenaar

Host: Christopher Wassenaar
Chief Risk Officer, General Counsel and Secretary of the Board of Directors,


Along with the online sales increases that many markets have recorded during the self-distancing times of COVID-19, fraud attempt rates have also gone up. As predatory practices in online shopping spaces become more versatile, it's important to stay on top of challenges brought by fraud.

Watch this live webinar with Una Dillon, Managing Director at Merchant Risk Council, and Christopher Wassenaar, Chief Risk Officer at 2Checkout, to learn about fraud trends and best practices in combating them.

  1. Learn about the importance of collaboration with other online merchants and of engagement with payments stakeholders to help secure your business against fraud and to boost your sales.
  2. Get an update on PSD2 Secure Cardholder Authentication (SCA) from a fraud-fighting perspective, and the ecosystem readiness for the upcoming deadline for implementation.
  3. The MRC Annual Fraud Survey shows some interesting trends from merchants across the globe. See how your business compares with the fraud you are fighting, the solutions you are using, and if you are seeing the same challenges as others in the retail payments industry.

As usual, the webinar will include a Q&A session at the end.

Who should watch: Merchants selling online - physical or digital goods - in their local markets or internationally

Roles: eCommerce managers, fraud analysts, risk management analysts, AML specialists, finance specialists and managers dealing with fraud, operational risk analysts, risk and compliance managers, or any role in charge with or impacted by fighting online fraud.

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Payment Fraud Prevention: An eCommerce Industry-Wide Perspective
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