CommerceNOW '22 | WEBINAR

Pricing Optimization for eCommerce

Webinar Duration: 40 minutes
Eiko van Hettinga

Eiko van Hettinga
Co-Founder & Managing Director,


The rapid growth rate in the eCommerce space has been accompanied by a rapid rate of technological development. As eCommerce leaders started to sharpen their tools, they' ve been able to innovate and develop strategies that give them a competitive advantage - including in pricing.

In his session, Eiko van Hettinga, Co-Founder & Managing Director at 7Learnings, will discuss not just why and how pricing optimization has become essential to any eCommerce company, but also how to properly set up your pricing team and strategy, with best practices and examples.

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About 7Learnings

7Learnings helps retailers optimize their pricing with our predictive pricing software. The company's solution uses advanced machine learning models to forecast demand for different price points with high accuracy. 7Learnings offers the most intuitive way to steer prices, and their prices simply maximize the business goals set by our clients.

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