The Anatomy of an Effective SaaS Pricing Page

Georgiana Laudi

Speaker: Georgiana Laudi
Co-Founder & SaaS Growth Advisor,
Forget The Funnel

Forget The Funnel
Alexandra Badea

Host: Alexandra Badea
VP of Corporate Marketing,
2Checkout (now Verifone)


For many SaaS companies, pricing is one of the most overlooked ways to drive growth, when it should be the opposite. Your pricing page is a chance to experiment, to optimize, and to reflect the uniqueness of your product.

Pricing page designs are constantly evolving, and you shouldn't just copy and paste what your competitors are doing, but instead aim to communicate what sets you apart.

But how do you create that beautiful, high-converting pricing page?

In this fireside chat, Georgiana Laudi, Co-Founder & SaaS Growth Advisor at Forget The Funnel, and Alexandra Badea, VP of Corporate Marketing at 2Checkout (now Verifone), will break down the anatomy of the pricing page, including:

  • How to design a pricing page that appeals to all customers;
  • What elements are must-haves and what you can ignore;
  • What you should optimize in order to increase conversion rates.

Who should watch: Software and SaaS companies, online services providers

Roles: Marketing, Product, eCommerce, CRO, UX, Business Owners

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