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From No-Man's Land to Wonderland

The Journey to Omnichannel Success

Webinar Duration: 46 minutes
Oana Trif

Oana Trif
Director of Product Global eCommerce & Digital Business,


At its core, a great omnichannel strategy means achieving a synergetic management of multiple channels and customer touchpoints, in a way that the customer experience across all of these channels is consistent and optimized.

Oana Trif, Director of Product Global eCommerce and Digital Business at Verifone, talks about the journey to reach Omnichannel Success: why omnichannel is key in today's eCommerce space, what are some do's and dont's, and the main principles to follow, in order to reach success.

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About Verifone

Verifone started as a pioneer in cashless payment, securing checks and credit cards through digitization. One of their first inventions was the "Verification Phone", an electronic method that protects merchants from fraudulent checks. The brand name and problem-solving DNA emerges from that initial innovation.

Verifone ended up in all corners of the world, because no merchant could prosper without secure payments. They started at point-of-sale and became the world's most trusted payment expert with best-in-class hardware.

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