The New Requirements of Global eCommerce for Digital Goods and How to Address Them


Global commerce has never been a more appealing undertaking than it is today, but merchants are finding that the challenges they face in their home markets are considerably amplified when taking their digital products cross-border. With numerous hurdles to overcome, multiple types of tech tools to choose from, and the need to cater to consumers' ever-evolving needs, businesses all over the globe are trying their best to stay relevant and ahead of the curve.

Read this resource for our primer on where global commerce for digital goods is headed and what types of solutions help merchants overcome hurdles in these endeavors. Get insights on:

  • The new requirements of global commerce, including those for localization and personalization, legal and financial compliance, sales channel expansion, and the dire need for optimization.
  • The types of capabilities needed to address the challenges of global commerce.
  • The different solution stacks available for cross-border commerce and how to distinguish among them.

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