CommerceNOW '21 | WEBINAR

Tips to Get into the Brains of Your Site Visitor

Webinar Duration: 41 minutes
Ayat Shukairy

Ayat Shukairy


Successful innovation combines three key elements to achieve positive results: consumer theory, user research, and experimentation in fast-paced development cycles.

Ayat shows you how to combine the Job to Be Done (JTBD) theory with conversion rate optimization (CRO) practice to determine customers' real motivation; afterward, the ways to use that knowledge in order to create a top experience — The experience that sends out the consumer the message: "Your search is over, pick me!"

With over 12 years of entrepreneurial and marketing experience, Ayat Shukairy, Co-Founder of Invesp Consulting, will share her expertise on how to:

  • Uncover the consumers' real motivations when using a product: the functional, emotional, and social needs.
  • Learn how to avoid leaving products or services vulnerable to customers who cannot distinguish them from other competitors.

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About Invesp

Established in 2006, Invesp is the second consulting company to specialize in conversion rate optimization in North America. Invesp helped over 600+ clients increase their site conversion rates and grow their online businesses.

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