Boost Online Revenue through Conversion Optimization

Webinar Duration: 58 minutes
Shannon MacLeod

Shannon MacLeod
Director, Conversion Optimization,


Like any online business, you're always looking for new ways to grow revenue. One clever way to do this: Optimize your existing purchase funnel.

Join this online session with Conversion Optimization expert Shannon MacLeod to learn the essentials about conversion optimization:

  1. How to optimize for revenue per visitor or cart conversion rate;
  2. The difference between A/B testing and before-and-after testing;
  3. Key things you can test to maximize revenue: product pages, shopping cart templates, cart flow, the checkout form, location of cross-sell offers, boosting credibility and social proof, auto-renew opt-in rate, and trial sign-up forms.

Shannon will showcase these revenue-boosting strategies through real-life examples of customer case studies, focused on software, SaaS, and online services companies. She will also share knowledge about tools you can use to optimize your purchase funnel and grow your revenue.

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