Are Channels Any Good at Selling SaaS and Cloud Services?

Some Surprising Insights from Forrester Research and 2Checkout


Webinar Duration: 30 minutes
Peter Sheldon

Peter Sheldon
VP and Principal Analyst,
Forrester Research Inc.

Raj Badarinath

Raj Badarinath
VP of Product Marketing and Alliances,


Change is constant in the technology business, but the pace of change can sometimes be overstated.

Software vendors today are reacting to a slew of changes in the industry - such as shifting technology models from on-premise to SaaS, to new business models of pay-as-you-go instead of perpetual licenses. What is critical in this transformation are the impacts on their distribution channels.

But does this mean that channel sales have run their course with the "disintermediation" due to cloud delivery models? We asked this question to Forrester Research, and the results surprised us.

Watch this Webinar for practical insights and advice about:

  • Challenges software and cloud vendors face enabling channels to sell SaaS enabled versions
  • Upcoming shift of the revenue mix between direct and indirect channels
  • Top concerns with channel partner performance in the Cloud and SaaS world
  • Technology investments necessary to support channels and equip them to build long-term relationships with end-customers
  • Benefits of partner order and revenue management

Bonus Whitepaper:

"As SaaS Goes Mainstream, ISVs Invest in Channel Support Tools" by Peter Sheldon, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research.

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