Choosing the Right Digital Commerce Platform to Build Your Software & SaaS Business


Webinar Duration: 45 minutes
Philipp Reichardt

Philipp Reichardt
Vice President, NA Sales


As a software or SaaS business, deciding what digital commerce platform to use for selling your products or services online is always tough. You're probably under pressure to build an agile digital business, but may be hampered by poorly integrated home-grown and/or legacy solutions that keep you from launching new products, services and campaigns as fast as you'd like. As if that weren't enough, selling subscription-based digital goods comes with its own set of challenges you need to face.

With so many choices on the market and no one-size-fits-all solution, figuring out which digital commerce platform will be the best fit for you isn't easy.

Watch this webinar with seasoned eCommerce sales professional Philipp Reichardt at 2Checkout, who will guide you through a structured approach to evaluating various types of digital commerce solutions and selecting the right one for you. Philipp will also highlight the eCommerce capabilities that are most crucial for selling software and SaaS in a global market.

You will learn:

  • The digital commerce technology stack for software and digital goods
  • How to distinguish between different solution types and the pros and cons of each type
  • The importance of industry focus and of going global. Key capabilities to look out for, beyond just payments
  • How to accurately assess what your company needs for long-term success
  • Understanding budget and total cost of ownership
  • Getting buy-in from stakeholders within your company
  • How to start building a shortlist
  • The questions you need to ask potential providers

Who should watch: Decision-makers and influencers in the digital commerce / eCommerce platform purchase, including ecommerce, online sales and marketing executives and practitioners; users of digital commerce platforms, ranging from business analysts to customer retention managers and support representatives; and other stakeholders in online business operations, such as finance or sales.

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Choosing the right digital commerce platform
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