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Webinar Duration: 30 minutes
Alhan Keser, Senior Conversion Strategist at Widerfunnel

Alhan Keser
Senior Conversion Strategist,

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Shannon MacLeod, CRO

Shannon MacLeod
Director, Conversion Optimization,


Conversion rate optimization can be a humbling experience.

You start with a hypothesis (your opinion on how to improve your website) and then run a test to see if you were right or wrong. There aren't too many professions that subject themselves to such quantifiable evaluation.

But there is good news for Marketers and eCommerce Managers: "surprising" test results often increase the conversion rate, and if a test does not beat the status quo, you have still learned a valuable insight about your customers. Knowing what moves the needle, and what does not, is the key to increasing revenue consistently quarter over quarter.

In this webinar, we explore the most insightful and sometimes surprising test results that often contradicted our idea of a "best practice".

Shannon MacLeod, Senior Director of Conversion Optimization at 2Checkout and Alhan Keser, Director of Optimization Strategy at WiderFunnel

  • Share real examples of tests they have run on websites and shopping carts
  • Demonstrate the value of a tested practice versus a best practice
  • Provide tips on how to run a valid split test

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