What is a growth framework for SaaS companies, and how can it help you better understand your customers' journey?

Webinar Duration: 61 minutes
Claudiu Murariu

Claudiu Murariu
Co-founder and CEO


How do you keep growing your business while offsetting the rising costs of customer acquisition and retention? Achieving sustainable growth in today's economic and technology environment is ever more challenging. It requires looking at your entire marketing and sales strategy through the filter of data, making hard decisions about resource allocation − and sticking to them − and then continuously optimizing tactics.

That's where a growth framework comes into play. It helps you evaluate your strategy and results, find the bottlenecks that are stalling your growth, remove them and then keep up a steady pace of progress toward your objectives. It's also about your customers' growth, not just the growth of your business.

If you've heard about growth frameworks, but are not sure where to start with one or how to implement it properly, join us for this webinar with Claudiu Murariu, Co-founder and CEO at data-driven growth experts InnerTrends, to learn:

  • What is a growth framework?
  • How to choose a growth equation and stick to it;
  • How to use data and automate your growth process;
  • How to continuously fine-tune your growth framework.

Who should watch: If you work for or run any kind of business that needs to keep growing and increase customer lifetime value and retention, you'll gain great insights from this session. Sign up now by filling out the form to the right!

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Growth Framework for SaaS Companies

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