Increasing Conversions in the Purchase Funnel

How UpSellit Reduces Site Abandonment

Webinar Duration: 30 minutes
Bryan Gudmundson

Bryan Gudmundson
Creative & Marketing Director,

Shannon MacLeod

Shannon MacLeod
Director, Conversion Optimization,


What if you could recapture lost revenue and increase your conversion rate throughout your entire purchase funnel? Sounds magical, doesn't it?

Tune into this 33 minute webinar to learn how you can recapture customers as they're about to leave your site or cart. We'll show how to increase conversion rates by 10-20% within 3 weeks - without any upfront costs or internal resources.

Join 2Checkout and UpSellit to discuss metrics, tips and best practices:

  • The four types of abandonment within the purchase funnel
  • The most common reasons for abandonment and how you can avoid them
  • Best practices for increasing conversion rates
  • Examples of five solutions for recapturing lost revenue
  • Two customer case studies with impressive results

Watch this webinar and be inspired to grow your revenue by increasing your site conversion rate and recapturing revenue you otherwise would have lost.

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